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The blower does not come on.

Be sure the power to the heater is on and that the gas valve is also on. Make sure the temperature on the thermostat is higher than the room temperature. If all the above is ok try unplugging the power cord for a least 5 seconds to reset the system. Then power it back up and check for operation.

The igniter does not spark.

This could be caused by the DSI (direct spark ignition) module needing to be reset. To do this unplug the power cord or shut off the power to the heater for a minimum of five (5) seconds. Also look at the igniter and see if there is excessive carbon residue, or erosion of the electrodes or other defects. Check for the correct gap of 1/8” (0.125”). Now turn the power back on to the unit and start it up.

The burner will not stay lit.

Check over the wires for damage between the DSI (direct spark ignition) module and the spark electrode. Or the gas pressure could be low or restricted.

The heater is making smoke and black soot.

The flue pipe needs to be clean of dirt, soot or any other obstructions for the unit to burn clean. Also check the exhaust pipe end to be sure there is no blockage or birds nest. If the prevailing wind is blowing into the exhaust pipe this can cause poor operation.

The air switch does not operate.

Check the flue/air supply duct for obstructions. Check for loose or leaky air hoses to the air switch. Check for 24vac across the secondary terminals 4 and 5 (red and yellow wires) of the transformer. If missing check for 120vac power to the unit, blower motor, and transformer. If power is there but not coming out of the transformer, replace the transformer. If all is good connect a jumper wire across air switch terminals, and if unit operates replace the air switch.

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