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The pilot will not light.

Check propane supply tank and connection to the tank to be sure it is tight. If it is a new propane tank or just a refilled tank, it may have air in the top of the tank that needs to be bled off by propane supplier.

The unit will not stay lit after lighting the burner and I followed the lighting instructions.

Check connections to tip switch. If good remove wires from the tip switch to the junction block and using a piece of wire jump, across the two electrical connections coming out of the junction block to bypass the tip switch. If this works replace tip switch. Also check that the thermocouple is as close to the heating element, at the center of the heater, as possible without touching the grid.

After lighting the burner and holding the safety control valve in for 30 seconds the flame goes out when I release the safety control valve.

Check to be sure the connection from the thermocouple to the safety control valve is tight. If burner still goes out you may have to replace the thermocouple or the control valve.

When lighting the heater it popped and is burning in the back of the burner.

If you hold the safety control valve open too long before lighting the unit, excessive gas can build-up and cause the heater to backflash. Shut the supply off and wait 5 minutes before restarting.

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