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The heater will not start-up for the first time this year.

Be sure the gas supply is turned on, and that the pilot light is lit. If the pilot will not light check for blockage, in the pilot tube, from spiders or mud wasps nest.

The pilot will light but the heater will not turn on.

Blockage in the main gas orifice or dirt and dust can block the flow of gas, clean unit per operators manual. Check to be sure that the wiring to the thermostat is not faulty and that the electrical connections on the thermostat are clean.

The heater is clean but the burner will still not light.

The pilot light might be too short to supply enough heat to the thermocouple for correct operation. Adjust the pilot length using the screw marked on the gas valve “pilot adjustment” per the instructions in the operator’s manual.

The heater is making smoke and black soot.

Clean the rear plenium and the grids with low pressure air (30 psi or less). Also clean the main orifice and be sure the gas pressure is correct.

How can the heater turn on and off with out any outside power source?

This power is manufactured by heating a thermocouple with the pilot flame which than generates millivolts of electrical power that is than used to operate the gas valve. This process is called the ‘Seebeck Effect’.

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