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The motor starts on my heater but no heat comes out?

Check to see that your propane supply tank is turned on. Listen for the sound of the spark igniter, it should make a fast ticking sound, if it isn’t you will need to call technical support for some additional trouble shooting help.

Why does my heater only run for a few minutes and than the shuts off?

You need to have the correct sized tank for the heater you are using. For every 50,000 Btu output you need a minimum of a 40 to 50 pound LP tank. In below freezing weather you may need to double the size of your propane source to maintain sufficient volume of flow for correct heater operation.

Why has my heater started giving off a bad smell?

There are different types of chemicals that, when drawn into the heater during its burning will react with the propane and make some disagreeable odors. The propane supplier may have added more of the odorizor to give propane it's odor. First try the heater in a different area where no chemicals are used to see if the smell goes away and also try a different propane tank.

Why does my heater work for 5 to 10 minutes and then shut off?

Your high limit switch may be shutting off the heater. Be sure that there is no build-up of dirt or dust in the air intake portion of the heater and that there is no excessive vibration from the fan blade being out of balance or any dents in the outside shell. All these things can cause the heater to not burn properly and cause it to overheat.

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