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Why does my fan start but doesn’t blow out any heat or fumes?

First be sure there is fresh kerosene in the tank. Disconnect the power plug and pull the top of the heater off and check that all of the rubber air and fuel lines are connected. (at the back of the motor/pump, going into the fuel tank and by the back of the burner assembly) Also check to be sure that the rubber lines are not cracked or broken. Last, check the fuel filter inside the fuel tank to see if it might be clogged.

Why will the fan start on my heater but only a cloudy mist of kerosene comes out with no heat?

Check to see the status of the spark plug at the back of the burner assembly by first unplugging the heater than pull the top off and see if the heavy spark plug wire is connected to the spark plug. If it is connected pull the spark plug out and see if it is wet. Either the spark plug or the igniter assembly may need to be replaced. Also the pump pressure might be too low. Call technical support for adjustment information.

If you plug your heater in but nothing happens.

Be sure to unplug the heater first and pull the top cover off and check to see if anything is blocking the fan blade from turning. Try turning the fan blade by hand to see if the motor is locked-up. If the motor is either locked-up or turns easily call technical support for additional information and parts.

The heater is smoking and making a bad smell.

If you are not using fresh kerosene, or are using diesel fuel, this can cause poor operation, a plugged fuel filter and a worn nozzle resulting in odors. Also if the pump pressure on the heater is not correct the unit will run rich and eventually foul up the heater. Call technical support for adjustment information. 800.251.0001

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