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I found an oily substance in my heater, what do I do?

If the heater has been contaminated with oil from using any high pressure hose with out our fuel filter, it will have to be disassembled and the following parts replaced or cleaned:

- The regulator or regulators as in the big buddy.
- The control valve.
- All tubes inside the heater removed and flushed of the oily residue.
- The pilot and main burner(s) orifices cleaned.
Using a fuel filter will prevent the future contamination but will not fix the existing contamination.
Heaters that have been contaminated will shut off or not run very long and the above repair is the only way to restore them to dependability.

Has there been a recall on the Big Buddy heaters?

In 2004 Mr. Heater issued a recall on certain Big Buddy and Tough Buddy heaters. Following are some facts about the recall and guidelines for determining whether the recall affects your heater.

  • This recall was initiated because the valve on the propane heaters can leak, posing a fire hazard if an ignition source is present.

  • The affected Big Buddy heaters (Model MH18B) were sold between September and December 2004 at a number of sporting goods and hardware stores throughout the United States.

  • The affected Tough Buddy heaters (also Model MH18B) were sold between September and December 2004 at Lowe’s home center stores.

  • This recall does not apply to Mr. Heater Portable Buddy MH9B or any other Mr. Heater product.

  • Only heaters in a certain serial number range are impacted by this recall.

  • Your heater IS AFFECTED only if both of the following two statements are true:
    • The only serial number is between MHC 000001 and MHC 294431
    • The serial number does not have a yellow overlay (highlighting) over the serial number and the letter "R" following the serial number

  • Your heater IS NOT EFFECTED if any of the following is true:
    • Its serial number is MHC 294432 or higher
    • Its serial number is MHC 748000000001 and higher.
    • Its serial number is MHC 748100000001 and higher.

  • If you believe that your heater is affected by this recall call the Mr. Heater Customer Care Team at 800-964-4328. Affected heaters will be replaced at no cost to you.

  • If you need help in determining whether your heater is affected, call the Mr. Heater Customer Care Team at 800-964-4328.

Why with only one 1# tank screwed on to my Big Buddy heater will it run on high for only a couple of minutes then shuts off and the propane bottle gets frosted?

Because of the properties of propane you need to have two 1# bottles screwed on to the Big Buddy for it to operate at its high setting of 18,000 BTUs. Or you can use a larger remote tank , hose, and fuel filter.

Why will my heater shut off when I am running the heater on low or medium with only a 1# bottle attached? It also happens if I connect a remote tank and hose to that same side.

Try moving the small 1# tank or the hose and remote tank to the regulator on the other side of the heater. If it works than the regulator is bad on one side.

Can I hook my Big Buddy to my regulated propane source in my mobile home, or RV?

If your propane source is regulated you can hook it to the unregulated quick coupler connection on the left hand side of the heater using our # F271802 hose and quick coupler connection.

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