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Why is the Buddy not recommended for above 7000 feet altitude?

The Portable Buddy uses an Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) which is a safety device used to light the heater as well as shut it off if Oxygen levels drop to between 18% and 19%. The Buddy should operate without any problems up to 7000 FT above sea level. At higher altitudes, the ODS may cut-off prematurely resulting in what we call a nuisance shut-off. Also, if you have a change in weather and the barometric pressure drops, this could also cause the heater to shut down prematurely.

The ODS is set at the factory and not adjustable. Make sure you have proper ventilation to provide fresh air for the combustion and ODS system.

What hose adapter should I use with my Portable Buddy?

You can use one of the following two hose adapters: F273701- 5 foot hose F273702- 12 foot hose. Also be sure to use our fuel filter (F273699) when using any hose.

Do I need a regulator with my Portable Buddy?

No, the Portable Buddy has a low-pressure regulator already built into it.

I brought my Buddy heater out of storage and now my pilot will not light?

Spiders get into the pilot tube. Remove the front grill and use cotton tipped cleaner or a pipe cleaner and wet it with alcohol. Push it into the pilot tube a full two (2) inches. Now twist the pipe cleaner around a couple of times and pull it out and blow out the tube with compressed air.

Can I hook my Portable Buddy to my regulated propane source in my mobile home, or RV?

If your propane source is regulated you can not hook it to the regular Buddy because it also has a regulator on it and there would not be enough pressure for the Buddy to work.

I have an oily substance coming out the bottom of my Buddy and it will not stay lit for more than 5 minutes. Why?

You have a contamination that may have come from your remote tank or hose. See the Buddy heater trouble shooting guide to determine the fix.

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