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Can I use my Mr. Heater Indoors?

If you own a Portable Buddy, you can use it indoors for emergency. The Portable Buddy has a low-oxygen shutoff system and a tip over switch that makes it safe for indoor use.

What is the difference between Radiant and Catalytic heat?

Radiant heat is given off in waves, which become energy when they hit an object. The objects then in turn give off heat as well. This is more efficient as there is no loss of heat to the air. Radiant heaters are often described as heating "like the sun." In the Catalytic process, propane is brought into contact with oxygen in the air in the presence of a catalyst. The resulting chemical reaction generates heat. Catalytic heat has a much lower surface temperature which equates to much lower BTU output.

How long will my Mr. Heater burn on a 20-lb propane cylinder?

It will vary according to which Mr. Heater you own. The following is a breakdown of burn time on high fire for units that run on a 20-lb propane cylinder. Mr. Heater does not recommend using the following heaters on larger than 20-lb tanks:
  • MH9B : 48 hours
  • MH12T : 36 hours
  • MH12C : 36 hours
  • MH24T : 18 hours
  • MH42T : 10 hour

Why can't I take my 20-lb propane cylinder indoors?

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) regulations make it unlawful to take any tank larger than a 1-lb tank inside a residence. The regulations were written to protect you from potential problems such as a leaking propane tank, fire, and possible explosions. If there was a fire in your house and your propane tank was inside your residence, the fire department may NOT enter your house to fight the fire.

Is the condensation on the outside of my one pound propane tank normal?

Yes, this is normal. This has to do with the temperature difference of the burning heater and the air surrounding it. It is similar to the way an ice water glass gets condensation on the outside of it on a hot summer day.

What is the warranty on my Mr. Heater?

Mr. Heater warrants its products free from defect for one year from date of purchase. Mr. Heater will repair or replace this product free of charge if it has been proven to be defective within the 1-year period, and is returned at customer expense with proof of purchase to Mr. Heater within the warranty period.

Why can’t I go to sleep while using my Buddy Heaters?

Because the heater is a portable device that could be bumped or have something fall on it while it is running, you do not want to let it be used “unattended” this would include going to sleep, leaving the room it is in while on, or putting it in an unoccupied area. This is for safety reasons.

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